75 linear feet perimeter pool with a 350 sqdft, Dual 8" main drains with 3 returns, Skimmer & Automatic water leveler, Pentair 320 Cartridge filter, Pentair 3/4 HP pump, 250 Watt Halogen lights, 250 sqdft decking (pavers, or colored concrete), 6" Standard Waterline Tile and White Marble Plaster.

When you're ready to start that new pool project, look no further than Stunning Pools & Spas, Remodeling & Restoration. We specialize in:
-Custom design
-Outdoor Fireplaces & Pits
-Outdoor Kitchens
-Patios & much more!

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Your perfect relaxation spot, your romantic get-away, your Stunning spa. Our passion is to help home owners experience the goodness of life in their own home. Our spa installations are designed to look great during the day and at night, to give you that Stunning experience you have been looking for. We specialize in Tambul Turkish, and will turn your backyard's dull appearance into a ressort style vacation spot. You deserve it, the more you put in, the more you should get.

Together with our team of professionals, our designer will help you get the perfect looking pool. Visualize your dream and we will make it come true! The perfect get-away right outside your back door. You will be glad that you can now relax after a long hard day, in your own home. Consider the posibilities, social gatherings, birthday parties, your whole family will enjoy your Stunning pool. You can also combine our expertise building pools and spas with a custom outdoor environment, or a full remodel of your patio. Give us a call for a free consultation, and to catch a glace of your dream home!

One of the characteristics that sets us over our competition is our dedication to customers. We want you to know, that we are here to serve you. We want to give you an exceptional customer experience and deliver a Stunning end-product and service, no matter what the job is. We do not give pools away, nor any of our services, but we do guarantee Customer Satisfaction! We have over 45 years of combined experience, and we apply all our knowledge to make people's dreams come true. Give us a try and you will see, that from the free consultation to the completion of the project, we are there to serve you and give you nothing else but the best of ourselves.


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